The Happy Sappy Grown-Up Hour

dave ciaccio
Username: ciaccio

"Writer" of "Comedy" in Los "Angeles"

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Episodes Uploaded

The Science Jerks
Wildlife Goes HAM on Wild-Hamster Wheel

Ciaccio and Chan look into the study that shows wild mice actually seem to enjoy


The Science Jerks
Food From Crickets

Chan and Ciaccio look into the new movement of making food from Crickets.


The Science Jerks
Gut Reactions

Chan and Ciaccio take a look at the actual scientific basis of a gut reaction.


The Science Jerks
The Return of ISEE-3

Ciaccio and Chan listen in on the exciting first contact to a satellite that's b


The Science Jerks
A Bully's Heart

The Science Nice Guys, Richard and Dan, return to school Robert and Dave on the

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