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Space Captain Pinball
You know, Pinball... But In Spaaaaaaaaaace!

Greetings Space Captain Pinball!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it - and it'll be a lot more fun if you do - is to COLLECT THE ELEMENTS of the Universe!
Near each Nebula you will Discover and Collect various Elements of the Periodic Table. As you increase your Element Supply you will unlock new Nebulas to Explore, new Elements to Mine, and new boards in which to BOUNCE AROUND LIKE CRAZY! Search near Stars - after all, that's where Elements are born! - but be DON'T GET SUCKED INTO A BLACK HOLE! Getting crushed into spaghetti can ruin your entire day!
HOLD YOUR DEVICE FLAT and TILT TO CONTROL the direction of your ship. The more you tilt, the faster you will accelerate in that direction, but be careful not to lose control. Inertia can be a harsh foe!
TAP ON A BLACK HOLE to spin it, and it might just fling you to safety instead of smooshing you to pieces. Try tapping on other objects to affect their physical properties as well.
COLLECT ELEMENTS to increase your score and unlock new levels. If you get stuck, EARN GOLD by playing or PURCHASE GOLD at the Space Bazaar. Gold can be transformed at the Alchemist's Lab into any Element that you need more of!
Whatever you do Captain, don't just go pinballing around like an idiot! Space-Themed Pinball is Serious Business!
Godspeed out there, Captain!

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