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Science AF

The OMG, WTF and LMFAOASMP of Science!

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Exploring the OMG, WTF and LMFAOASMP of Science, hosts Dave Ciaccio (@daveciaccio) and Jesse Arlen Klein (@jessklein1) go HAM on the newest and insanesiest science discoveries, stories, theories, truths and rumors, with guest comedians, scientists, correspondents or whomever decides to drop in. We don't know what's going to happen, we just know it's going to be Science As Fuck.


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22: Vaccines vs Pseudoscience! with Amy Albert Cobb!

Dave (@daveciaccio) and Jesse (@jessklein1) welcome comedian and host of the "Mom, Get Your SHIT Together" podcast, Amy Albert Cobb (@amyalbertcobb) to talk about the importance of vaccinations and the serious threat to humanity that is the anti-vaxx movement. We talk about how bad science spreads and how thinking with your gut instead of your head can kill. Vaccinate your kids and subscribe, like and rate our podcast! Follow us @scienceafpod and visit  (more...)
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21: The Antarctic King, A New Galaxy, A Denisovan Cave, China's Moon Lander, AI Satire, An Alzheimer’s Breakthrough and Is a Cure For Cancer Coming Soon?

This is another mini-episode about the week in science! A team of Israeli scientists is calling their shot, claiming they will cure cancer in the next year. Well, I guess we'll see about that. Hubble discovers a new Dwarf Galaxy, a Russian cave yields new evidence of the ancient Denisovan people, China's Moon lander sprouts some seeds that then immediately die, researchers attempt to teach Satire to AI and a new breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Disease teases a new possible treatment. Hosted by @daveciaccio. Follow us @scienceafpod!  (more...)
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20: Saturn's Rings, Antarctic Water Bears, George the Loneliest Bolivian Frog and Alligator Skeleton Robots

Ciaccio presents the first Oner! A solo mission to talk about the week's science news. We will still be doing guest episodes, but we're adding these shorter eps to fill in the gaps. In this week's episode we talk about Saturn's rings, they're younger than we thought and they're disappearing! Also a discovery of a frog species that was thought to be extinct, the discovery of dead Tardigrades in an isolated lake deep under Antarctica, and just in time for Halloween in January, a terrifying robot made out of an Ancient Alligator Skeleton!  (more...)

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Italy’s Antivaccine Government – The Attack on Experts Continues

Anti-vaccine Italian government fires its entire Health Council. This is unfortunately part of a bigger trend against expertise and reality-based policy.   (more...)

Antivaccine pseudoscience disguised as autism advocacy in the Minnesota legislature

Recently, Sen. Jim Abeler of Minnesota created the MN Autism Council, an advisory panel tasked with advising the legislature on autism policy. A closer look at the story reveals that Sen. Abeler is a chiropractor, two of the members are antivaxers, and one of them was a founding member tasked with forming the council. This is how antivaccine activism is disguised as autism advocacy.   (more...)
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Questioning the Science Behind Vaccines?


As the end-of-summer approaches, in the past few weeks millions of parents have shuttled their children to multiple doctors’ appointments, often stressing over the pressure to remain compliant with school district-specific vaccination schedules. It’s a hassle, to say nothing of the difficulty many parents experience while watching their children recoil in pain from needle pricks, or the confusion many have over common misunderstandings about the ingredients in various vaccines.   (more...)

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