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See the First Stunning Photos of the Earth and Moon From Artemis 1
The uncrewed Orion spacecraft is equipped with 16 cameras that have been documenting its journey through space
Nuclear-fusion lab achieves ‘ignition’: what does it mean?
Researchers at the US National Ignition Facility created a reaction that made more energy than they put in.
Lensa, the AI portrait app, has soared in popularity. But many artists question the ethics of AI art.
The company said that AI-generated images “can’t be described as exact replicas of any particular artwork.”
World’s heaviest flying bird uses plants to self-medicate, scientists say
Great bustards eat corn poppies for their medicinal properties.
Scientists created a glowing black hole in the lab to test a Stephen Hawking theory
Their experiment could help to create a unified theory of quantum gravity.
Paralyzed Man Silently Spells Out Sentences Using New Brain-Computer Interface
Using silent speech to control communication devices could be hugely beneficial for patients with paralysis.
Bizarre aye-aye primates take nose picking to the extreme
The animals’ extra-long middle fingers probably reach all the way to the back of the throat
FDA says this lab-grown chicken is safe for human consumption
For the first time, a safety clearance was given to a startup's cell-cultured meat.
'Cold hearts': New Airbus aircraft to be powered by hydrogen stored at -253°C
The airplane manufacturer is developing cryogenic hydrogen storage tanks.
Mystery parasites on zombie ant fungus identified by scientists
A fuzzy white fungus grows on top of the parasitic fungus that attacks and turns ants into "zombies."
Why do aircraft leave contrails in the sky?
These wispy man-made clouds have fascinated humans for a century, but what actually are they?
Everything You Need to Know About Near Field Communication
NFC is likely to pop up in your next smartphone (or maybe the one after that), and you'll use it for much more than just mobile payments
What exactly is a digital dollar, and how would it work?
Governments globally are thinking about digitizing their currencies. Here’s what that means—and how it could impact you.
A House bill could create an experiment on digital US cash
The introduction of the ECASH Act, along with a recent executive order, shows how the US government is thinking about the future of money.
Mosquitoes prefer dozing over dining when they are sleep-deprived
Sleepy skeeters lagged behind well-rested ones when offered a researcher’s leg to feed on
Gray wolf population declines without protections
A new study reveals a decline in wolf populations related to sanctioned hunts.
Ability to consume alcohol may have shaped primate evolution
The human desire to drink far outdates the oldest brewery.
Cacao growers are bugging out about our chocolate supply
Could an itty-bitty pollinator be the problem?
What you can do right now to protect yourself from the new COVID-19 variants
Staying vigilant during this crucial time is key.
Scientists show what loneliness looks like in the brain
Neural 'signature' may reflect how we respond to feelings of social isolation
There’s a right and wrong way to be bored
The doldrums can be helpful when it comes to creativity, but chronic boredom isn’t so positive.
This fossilized butthole gives us a rare window into dinosaur sex
The cloaca is the hole-y grail to understanding prehistoric copulation.
2020 tied for warmest year on record, NASA analysis shows
Earth's global average surface temperature in 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record, according to an analysis by NASA.
COVID-19 reduced U.S. life expectancy, especially among Black and Latino populations
Life expectancy at birth will shorten by more than one year
Already had COVID-19? You still need a vaccine.
The vaccine can reduce your chances of becoming reinfected and sick again in the future.
What you need to know about Biden’s 5-point COVID-19 relief plan
His administration will rely on “science and scientists.”
Listen to the Recreated Voice of a 3,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy
Media outlets have likened the sound to a “brief groan,” a “long, exasperated ‘meh’ without the ‘m,’” and “rather like ‘eeuuughhh’”
Living robots built using frog cells
Tiny 'xenobots' assembled from cells promise advances from drug delivery to toxic waste clean-up
Continued sea-level rise on East and Gulf coasts detailed
Nearly all non-Alaskan West Coast tide stations also saw higher seas
FarFarOut dethrones FarOut for farthest object in the solar system
It’s the sequel we weren’t prepared for.
Climate rewind: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into coal
New technique can efficiently convert CO2 from gas into solid particles of carbon
A deer-sized T. rex ancestor shows how fast tyrannosaurs became giants
The newly discovered fossil’s name, Moros intrepidus, means ‘the harbinger of doom’
Neptune’s smallest moon may be a chip off another moon
The tiny object has been given the official name Hippocamp
Questioning the Science Behind Vaccines?
This rediscovered Bolivian frog species survived deadly chytrid fungus
The species was feared to be extinct, except for one lonely male
Saturn’s rings are surprisingly young and may be from shredded moons
Data from the Cassini spacecraft show that the gas giant didn’t always have its iconic icy bands
Music Therapy For Dementia: Awakening Memories
Many of us have either heard or seen the incredible effects that music can have on people with dementia.
Scientists identify a new kind of human brain cell
'Rosehip' neurons not found in rodents, may be involved in fine-level control between regions of the human brain
Would You Eat a Tarantula-Topped Burger?
A tarantula — "lightly salted and oven-baked" — tops a burger at a Durham, North Carolina restaurant, testing "the most daring of taste buds."
Disgusting Things Fall Into Six Gross Categories
Open sores, body odors and other indicators of possible disease transmission top the list of things that gross us out
Oldest Cheese Ever Found in Egyptian Tomb Read
Italian researchers also found traces of disease-causing bacteria in what they believe is probably extremely aged cheese.
No, Octopuses Don't Come From Outer Space
Scientists are dubious of a new paper that suggests frozen octopi eggs rode a meteor to Earth 540 million years ago.
Global warming may be twice what climate models predict
Past warming events suggest climate models fail to capture true warming under business-as-usual scenarios
Astronauts bust the myth of space ice cream
The widely held belief that this chalky, freeze-dried dessert made it to space isn't true after all, according to the National Air and Space Museum and actual NASA astronauts.
See How Huge the Monster Dust Storm on Mars Is in This Stunning Image
If you have a hard time visualizing a planet-wide dust storm on Mars, take a look at this.
Building Blocks of Life Found on Mars
Two landmark discoveries reveal organic carbon on the red planet, shaping the future hunt for life on Mars.
The first penis-scrotum transplant is the latest to go beyond lifesaving
Advances that give patients new faces, hands and more aim to improve quality of life
14 cattle eyeworms removed from Oregon woman’s eye
First known case of Thelazia gulosa infection in a human