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Let's Get High And Make Breakfast

Making breakfast high

Got the munchies? Wake and Bake with host dave ciaccio (@daveciaccio) as he rolls out of bed at the crack of 2pm, smokes a bunch of weed and puts together a delicious breakfast!


Lghamb 5

12: Monte Cristo!

In which I smoke a bowl of Snow White sativa and make a Monte Cristo sandwich, drenched in strawberry maple syrup with hash browns.  (more...)
Lghamb 4

11: Granola & Emergen-C!

Wherein I smoke Tangie Sativa from a vape pen and eat granola with a hangover.  (more...)
Lghamb 3

10: Ham&Cheese Omelet!

Wherein I smoke sativa from a bowl and cook a Ham & Cheese Omelet with a side of baked pineapple from leftover Christmas Ham.  (more...)

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