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Episode: 38
Science AF

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Aviation and Aerospace with Winston Carter!

Comedian Winston Carter (@winstonious, Drac and The Swamp Rats, The Winston Carter Murder Follies) joins host @daveciaccio to discuss everything that flies.... Jet Engines, Rockets, Flying Cars, Experimental Aircraft and lots of stories of air travel.

Listen at, follow @scienceafpod on Twitter and Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher.

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NASA’s Fuel-less Space Engine Has Been Tested

Spaceflight is hard. Blasting heavy cargo, spacecraft, and maybe people to respectable speeds over interplanetary distances requires an amount of propellant too massive for current rockets to haul into the void. That is, unless you have an engine that can generate thrust without fuel.   (more...)
From Episode: Aviation and Aerospace with Winston Carter!
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NASA's experimental X-59 supersonic jet could be built by the end of 2020
It'll test ways to shush sonic booms.
NASA's new experimental supersonic X-plane is on a fast track to flying.   (more...)
From Episode: Aviation and Aerospace with Winston Carter!
Are flying taxis ready for lift-off?
To supporters, they are the solution to congestion. To critics, they’re just billionaires’ toys. So are they the answer to urban travel?
It’s right up there with meal pills, jetpacks, robot butlers and colonies on Mars. Since at least 1962, when the TV cartoon characters George, Jane, Elroy and Judy Jetson first took to the skies, flying cars have been a staple of speculative visions of the future. Designs for dozens of small, affordable, personal flying machines were unveiled in the latter half of the 20th century. Few became airborne and none took commercial flight.   (more...)
From Episode: Aviation and Aerospace with Winston Carter!
Blackfly 1
Google’s Larry Page is backing the new BlackFly personal flying machine and it looks unreal
Are you ready to take one for a ride?
What is it about billionaires and reaching for the stars or at least the skies? Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has Blue Origin, while Richard Branson has Virgin Galactic. Now, Google’s Larry Page has backed his second flying vehicle startup. Although Canada’s Opener doesn’t promise a trip to space like the other ones, it does offer something much closer to becoming a reality, according to Business Insider.   (more...)
From Episode: Aviation and Aerospace with Winston Carter!
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DARPA’s competition to find a rapid rocket launch provider ends without a winner
Astra came super close
DARPA’s competition to find a rocket company that can rapidly send satellites to space ended without a winner on March 2nd when the final team failed to launch by the contest’s deadline. Rocket startup Astra came within less than a minute of launching its brand-new rocket for the competition out of Alaska, but it had to halt the mission due to some bad data from the vehicle. As a result, the company lost out on winning up to $12 million — and now, no one will win the money prize.   (more...)
From Episode: Aviation and Aerospace with Winston Carter!

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