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Episode: 32
Science AF

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OMG, Climate Update 2020! with Josh Willis!

Climate Scientist Josh Willis joins Ciaccio to talk about his work on the Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) project for NASA out of JPL. We talk about the climate prognosis plus active solutions to clean the air and the oceans and how to better educate people about science. Plus science news including the wuhan coronavirus, robots made out of frog cells, the mathematical best way to grind espresso, and what a mummy sounds like.

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Living robots built using frog cells
Tiny 'xenobots' assembled from cells promise advances from drug delivery to toxic waste clean-up
Scientists repurposed living frog cells -- and assembled them into entirely new life-forms. These tiny 'xenobots' can move toward a target and heal themselves after being cut. These novel living machines are neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal. They're a new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism.   (more...)
From Episode: OMG, Climate Update 2020! with Josh Willis!
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Maths says you need coarser coffee grounds to make a perfect espresso

A more efficient way of making an espresso could reduce the amount of coffee wasted per cup, potentially saving billions of dollars every year.   (more...)
From Episode: OMG, Climate Update 2020! with Josh Willis!
Nesyamun 1 credit courtesy leeds museums and galleries
Listen to the Recreated Voice of a 3,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy
Media outlets have likened the sound to a “brief groan,” a “long, exasperated ‘meh’ without the ‘m,’” and “rather like ‘eeuuughhh’”
In the nearly 200 years since his mummy’s arrival at the Leeds City Museum in northern England, an ancient Egyptian priest named Nesyamun has slowly but surely revealed his secrets.   (more...)
From Episode: OMG, Climate Update 2020! with Josh Willis!
Theoceancleanup october2nd press briefing system001b 24 1920x1080

Today, we announced that System 001/B is successfully capturing and collecting plastic debris. After one year of testing, we have succeeded in developing a self-contained system in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is using the natural forces of the ocean to passively catch and concentrate plastic, thereby confirming the most important principle behind the cleanup concept that was first presented by Boyan Slat at a TEDx conference in October 2012.   (more...)
From Episode: OMG, Climate Update 2020! with Josh Willis!
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Oceans Melting Greenland

Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) is a NASA Mission led by JPL Scientist Josh Willis to understand the role that the ocean plays in melting Greenland’s glaciers. From the sky and the sea, OMG gathers data about water temperatures and the glaciers all the way around Greenland to get a better idea of just how fast the ice is melting, and how fast global sea levels will rise.   (more...)
From Episode: OMG, Climate Update 2020! with Josh Willis!

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