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Episode: 24
Science AF

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Is EM Drive Real? How does Light work? And what order should you watch Star Trek in? With Guest Gil Baron

We're back, the royal 'we' that is, with Science AF Before Dark. Science-as-fuck Dave Ciaccio (@daveciaccio) hosts a one-on-one conversation with writer/producer Gil Baron (@GJBaron) on how the much-hyped EM Drive works, if it actually does, and what is going on with radio waves anyway. Like what are photons anyway? What does it mean that they have no mass and no time? Also, Star Trek expert Gil takes us through the best of the long running series of serieses. Check out Gil and Dave's 3-day comedy music festival Packchella, live in LA the last week of June, all the comedy will be musical and all the music will be funny! Guaranteed! For detail follow @packchella and visit Find Science AF at @scienceafpod and

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