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SKITHEAD: YOU TALKIN' TO ME? - Pilot Premiere at Broadwater Plunge Bar

Come see the premiere of our new community-mashup sketch comedy series, SKITHEAD! The pilot episode is called "You Talkin' To me?"
We will be giving away FREE SWAG!
SKITHEAD is a totally new sketch form, mashing up new and old sketches from around the community, brought together to evoke a theme and blended up to produce a whole new creation... a fast-paced melange of bits, jokes, callbacks and buttons. It's sketch comedy in a blender!
SKITHEAD is a flagship show for the DIY comedy streaming network Garage TV. After the premiere, the pilot episode SKITHEAD: YOU TALKIN' TO ME will be available to Subscribers Only for one week on the Garage TV Streaming App on iPhone, iPad, Android and on the web at After the first week, it will be available to watch for free with ads.
Includes sketches from Cascade Up, The Magnificent, Goldbaby, Party Line, Rat Queen, Rabble Rabble and more!

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posted by dave ciaccio at 01 Jul 2024, 15:39::44 PDT
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Submit Your Comedy Show For Video Streaming!


GarageTV is taking submissions for indie comedy shows to stream on our DIY comedy streaming app!

GarageTV is a curated, profit-sharing streaming service for indie comedy producers. On GarageTV your show will live next to other low-budget, but vetted, comedy shows from other established and up-and-coming producers in the comedy community.


Ever felt frustrated putting up comedy shows on Youtube, TikTok, Insta, Patreon, and other public free-for-all video sites? People mainly watch short viral clips when they're on the move, but when people want to sit down, relax and watch a real produced comedy show they tend to go to a curated streaming service like Netflix or Hulu and cast it to their home theater. On Garage TV streaming service, they can sit back and binge your web series alongside dozens of other quality indie-comedy shows, instead of watching The Office for the fortyteenth time.


Unlike Youtube or Patreon, Garage TV posting is not open to the public. We only put up shows we actually like and we know every show producer personally. Not all of our content is nobel-prize-worthy, but it's also not just a bunch of random improv show self-tapes. We are looking for shows that are well-edited, with visual elements and music. Shows that look like they could be on Comedy Central but extremely more low budget. If you submit your show we will communicate with you directly about if it would fit into our comedy show lineup. See below for the types of shows we are specifically looking for.


Garage TV is designed specifically as a profit-sharing model for curated well-produced comedy shows. We want to be a monetization tool for you to use to spread your show alongside other quality comedy content.

What you get is a cool DIY-looking video streaming platform with a Subscriber/Ad/Reward model where your fans can watch all of your video content in one place, including casting it to their home theaters. What all of us as comedy producers get is exposure to other comedy fan communities, and a central place for fans of indie comedy to congregate and keep track of under-discovered, up-and-coming, not-yet-called-to-the-major-leagues comedians, writers and producers.

You retain ownership of all your content and we require zero non-compete promise, so you can use our platform as a staging ground for shows that you are pitching to a corporate streamer. It's a stronger pitch to have your show on a cool DIY streamer rather than Youtube, so you can go to a meeting ready to show what it would look like on their app, and if Amazon Prime wants to buy it, you can pull from us with no penalty and make it live on their app the same day.

Our subscription starts at 2.99 a month and a third of that goes directly to the show producers. Our shows are automatically paid out 33% of all subscription fees, which means you, as a show producer, get a real amount of money for every subscribed view, compared to youtube where you don't see a dime until you have tens of thousands of subscribers, and even then you get much, much less than a third of the profit. Fans who don't subscribe can still watch episodes of your show with an ad, unless you make it Subscriber Only, and dedicated users can skip ads by earning rewards as they watch.

Garage TV has many streaming platform features such as Subscription/Ad model, Favorite Shows, Content Search, Episode Queue, Subscriber-Only content, and more, but we are a brand-new service and will add new features as soon as we can.

What Counts As A Comedy Show?

We are looking for many kinds of things, as long as they are comedic. We will communicate with you directly about how your show does or does not fit in with our current content. We are not just looking for tapes of a live show or comedy set shot on an iphone from the audience. On the other hand, a staged show, shot with multiple cameras and edited together with bumpers and music would be great. Shows should feel like they could be on a major streamer like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

Episodes of your show can be of any length and come out at any frequency. Your show can be finished, or in progress. For instance, your multi-episode web series from 2020 could be released in its entirety, or you can drop episodes your current series weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or however you want.

So what are we looking for? A daily or weekly comedy news or topical show, a stand-up comedy compilation show, a comedy competition show, a topical or fandom specific webcast, a high-tech improv show with overlays, a live sketch show with good production values.

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So you have a show on GarageTV. Now what?

Information For Makers on GarageTV Streaming Network

You will need to have a Show profile, and at least one User profile with Maker Access to access your show and receive funds. You can assign a Team of Users to your show and automatically divide proceeds among them. You can then add Promos, Banner Ads, Blog Posts and Merch if you want to.

#SHOWS #submitshow #myshow #producerinfo #producer

Every video or podcast clip that streams on our site is posted under the umbrella of a SHOW. A show has a profile with name, subtitle, description, images and more. Each show can have one or more episodes. It can also have promo videos and social media links.

You can use your show profile on our network as the main website for your show. By adding a show nickname, which is a compact one-word acronym or short name for your show, you will get a website that looks like: For instance if your show is called “The Best Show Ever” your nickname can be something like “bestshow” and your url would be Now if you want to register a domain name for your show such as, you can easily direct your domain name to your garagetv show profile. So when they type in they go directly to the show profile and can immediately access your episodes and other content.


Each show can then have as many episodes as needed. Each episode profile has a name, description, search keywords and more, plus an optional image. If your “show” is a movie or a single-episode pilot, it will still have a show profile, which contains one episode profile.


Each show will also have a production team of as many people as you like. If you have a sketch team, each member can have their own user profile, as well as editors, directors, producers, etc. Each team member can be assigned a percentage such that each user is automatically paid out their percentage of the proceeds.


To access your show on our network you will need to set up one or more USERS. Each person on your production team should create their own user account, so each user account should represent a real person, not a team of people, organization or company. This way each person on your team can be added to the production team for the show, and legal ownership of the show can be easily divided among the team. Each person can then link a stripe account to their personal bank and have their share of proceeds paid directly.

Each person on your team should go to and create an account. In order to be added as a production team member each user will then need to be made a “Maker” by our administrators. You can request that a user be made a maker by emailing and asking to be made a maker.


If your User account is a Maker then you can post on our News blog by going to and clicking the New Blog Post button.


You can sell merch on our website through our stripe system. Contact for more info.


You can upload one promo video for each show. The current promo will be featured on the show page, above the episodes for the show. This promo may be used in ads in the future.


You can upload an ad banner for your show by going to and clicking the New Ad button. A banner ad is a wide image with aspect ratio 10:1, so for instance 3000x300 pixels. The ads uploaded here will appear on our web pages and direct people to your show.

posted by dave ciaccio at 05 May 2024, 17:58::46 PDT
All Posts By dave ciaccio

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About Garage TV

Garage TV is a streaming platform for independent comedy artists to showcase their work and earn revenue.

It is specifically designed to be a simple revenue source for DIY comedy producers. A subscription to Garage TV is only $2.99/month and one-third of all subscription revenue goes directly to the shows that the subscriber watches.

Whereas with most popular video posting sites a video producer needs to gain thousands of subscribers before earning money, on GarageTV a producer can start earning real money the first month. Now, as of this post the subscriber base is modest, but as the subscriber base grows individual show profits rise proportionally.

On GarageTV viewership numbers are shared transparently and producers are true profit-sharing partners. Producers retain full ownership of their own their work and can remove shows at any time.

For teams of producers, GarageTV allows you to easily credit individual owners of the show, and then automatically divides show profits among the owners for each payout.

If you have three bucks a month to spare, please subscribe now to support independent comedy shows!

For more info on Garage TV visit:

Download the Garage TV Comedy Streaming app from the Apple App Store ( or Google Play Store (

#garagetv #g_ragetv #g-ragetv #skithead

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SKITHEAD is now taking sketch video submissions. Here are some FAQs...

Does it have to be about the theme?

Anything remotely related to or evocative of the theme is fine. If you like the sketch, please share it with us. The worst that could happen is we don't use it. And just because we don't use it doesn't mean we don't like it. We are looking for things that fit together well. Once you've submitted a sketch once we will keep it in mind for future episodes.

Can the sketches be released elsewhere?

Yes, you can submit a sketch that was posted to Youtube, Funny or Die, TikTok, or whatever, as long as it is still relevant and funny. Our show is a great way to get some of your favorite old videos a new viewership online. As long as you have ownership of the sketch you are free to submit it.

Can we just submit our portfolio?

Sure! If you have a website or youtube, vimeo, etc page with just your sketches on it we would be happy to watch them and keep them in mind for future episodes.

Are animations ok?

YES! We love homemade animated sketches! Hand-drawn, stop-motion, 3D, puppet show, green-screen etc. If you have a reusable animated world with recognizable characters and want to make a new short sketch each episode that would be fantastic.

What about blackouts?

Sure, very short one-joke sketches are great, as long as they're funny and well-made. A runner of short sketches related to the theme would be great!

Can we use commercial music, found footage and film clips?

Copyright laws around parody/satire in comedy are slightly vague and we will consider your submission if we think that it genuinely transforms the original content into a new piece of art. The show will not be released on youtube or any platform with draconian copyright filters.

Can I do a character or impression?

Yes, but... it should still feel like a sketch and not your audition tape or demo reel. A character sketch should have some kind of comedic premise not just "this is what De Niro sounds like". That doesn't mean you can't do a one-person sketch, such as a one-sided phone call, actor interacting with found footage, a "state the game" ("and now...") type joke, etc. It just needs to look good and feel like it fits into a sketch show!

Is Improv ok?

No, but maybe. We definitely don't just want a scene by your improv team on stage or your friends riffing at a party, but if you can do a curb-your-enthusiasm-style planned and improvised scene and edit it into something tight and hilarious... maybe!

What about 'fail videos' or a video of my cat being funny?

These will probably not be included in the show. There are plenty of outlets for that type of content and you should definitely show the world your cat videos, but we're looking for sketch comedy.

Can we resubmit a sketch?

Yes, but you don't really need to. If we didn't include your sketch, it doesn't mean we didn't like it. It's likely it just didn't fit together with the episode we were making at the time. Once we have seen your sketch we will consider it for future episodes. Of course we will let you know before including it in any published work.

Are you going to pay me for my work?

Yes! If we get paid, you get paid. Everyone who owns a sketch that we publish will be assigned a percentage of the revenues from that episode. If you have one sketch in an episode you might get around 5% of the proceeds from that episode. Right now that could be a penny a month, but if subscription viewership grows over the next couple years that number could become more significant. Unlike other streamers where you have to have thousands of followers to even start to monetize, on Garage TV platform you start earning money immediately every time a subscriber watches even a second of your show. It is specifically designed to be a source of revenue for indie creators. The more you push the show and share the episode, the more you personally stand to make!

What is Garage TV?

SKITHEAD is the flagship sketch show of the DIY comedy streaming platform Garage TV. The show will be released and available to watch on the Garage TV Streaming App on iPhone, iPad or Android, and at the website:

Garage TV is a streaming platform for independent comedy artists to showcase their work and earn revenue. A subscription to Garage TV is just a few bucks a month and one-third of all subscription revenue goes directly to the shows that you watch. Please subscribe now if you have three bucks a month to spare and you would like to support independent comedy shows like this one!

For more info on Garage TV visit or download the Garage TV Comedy Streaming app to your phone:

#skithead #sketchcomedy

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