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About Garage TV

Garage TV is a streaming platform for independent comedy artists to showcase their work and earn revenue.

It is specifically designed to be a simple revenue source for DIY comedy producers. A subscription to Garage TV is only $2.99/month and one-third of all subscription revenue goes directly to the shows that the subscriber watches.

Whereas with most popular video posting sites a video producer needs to gain thousands of subscribers before earning money, on GarageTV a producer can start earning real money the first month. Now, as of this post the subscriber base is modest, but as the subscriber base grows individual show profits rise proportionally.

On GarageTV viewership numbers are shared transparently and producers are true profit-sharing partners. Producers retain full ownership of their own their work and can remove shows at any time.

For teams of producers, GarageTV allows you to easily credit individual owners of the show, and then automatically divides show profits among the owners for each payout.

If you have three bucks a month to spare, please subscribe now to support independent comedy shows!

For more info on Garage TV visit:

Download the Garage TV Comedy Streaming app from the Apple App Store ( or Google Play Store (

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posted by Dave Ciaccio at 21 Feb 2024, 02:19::09 PST
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