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Space Telescopes, Dolphin Clitorae and Animal Farts

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Space Telescopes, Dolphin Clitorae and Animal Farts

Dr Ciaccio returns with a look at the news, including the Moon Hut, Ingenuity Helicopter grounded and a Goldfish-Driven Car. Short looks into the James Webb Space Telescope, possible evidence of Life On Mars, the probable cause of Multiple Sclerosis, and the Dolphin Clitorus. A Deep Dive into a way to reduce cow burps, and which animals fart. And finally in Common Nonsense, why the Tomato really is a Vegetable. No, really! Yes, it is! No, you shut up!

07 Feb 2022
Keywords: tomato, fruit, vegetable, clitoris, clitorus, clitorises, porpoises, telescope, james webb, outer space, farts, flatulence, poot, the fart song
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