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The Binky For Grown-Ups
Feeling Anxious? Contemplative? Orally Fixated? Don't know what to do with your hands at parties? Fingernails chewed down to the nub? Suck On This! Try the BINX (tm) Fidget Sucker (tm), it's like a binky for adults! BINX is not a vape or a smoking device, it's just a little compressed shot of air. Our Faux-Ramjet Technology (tm) turns the air you suck through it into a satisfying jet of compressed air that mimics smoking a cigarette, cigar, pipe or vape, but with ZERO SMOKE, VAPOR OR TOXINS. BINX is safe and legal to sip on at work, at a bar, in bed, in a hotel room, on a plane, in a ride-share or on the bus! It's legal everywhere! (BINX has not been evaluated for use in treating any diseases, tics, habits or disorders. BINX may be held gently in teeth. Chewing or biting down on BINX may cause rubber mouthpiece to wear away. Discontinue use if BINX causes any tooth or jaw pain. Discontinue use if BINX breaks, small pieces may be a choking hazard. Binx is made of non-toxic food-safe materials including 3D-printed PLA plastic, Silicone and Latex

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