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Setting up a Podcast - Part III: Show Page/iTunes/Stitcher

Setting Up The Podcast Show Page

From your Bio page created in Part I click "New Show"

NOTE: You will be charged for each show you create (but not until the show is live with episodes). I haven't setup an auto payment system, so for now payment will be done month to month or yearly with a reminder email and a payment to Venmo or Paypal

Enter the following info about your Podcast:

  • Title: The full title of the podcast
  • Subtitle: A tag line for the podcast. Limited to 255 characters.
  • Description: A full description of the podcast. This can be 2-5 sentences describing the show. This will become the description on the itunes page and the stitcher page, and any other podcast apps.
  • Keywords: A list of keywords separated by commas. Limited to 255 characters, or about 10-15 words. (e.g. "comedy, science, philosophy, politics, medicine")
  • Nickname (OPTIONAL): This should be a short name with no spaces (only letters, numbers, or underscores) that can be used in urls, for instance for the show "Science AF", the nickname is "scienceaf" and episode 4 of the show is found at the local link "scienceaf/episode/4"
  • Website (OPTIONAL): This is the website for the podcast. This should be your Domain Name (see Part III). If you haven't registered a Domain Name yet, you can leave this blank until later.
  • Categories: Choose at least 1 Category and up to 3. Some Categories have Subcategories which will fill in when you select the Category.
  • Podcast Feed Name (OPTIONAL): This is going to be the filename of your podcast feed, the file that tells itunes about your podcast and episodes. It can be any name containing letters, numbers and underscores. (e.g. bestpodcast_feed, mypodcastfeed or the_best_podcast_feed) This is not something the public will see, it just needs to be different from any other podcasts on the network.
  • iTunes Link, Stitcher Link (OPTIONAL): These can be left blank until you set those up. Once you setup your podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, put the URLs for them here.
  • Facebook Page (OPTIONAL): If you have a Facebook Page, add the entire URL here, e.g. ""
  • Twitter Handle (OPTIONAL): Just the handle, no @ sign or http, e.g. "ScienceAFPod"
  • Upload your Website Image, size should be 960x540 in PNG or JPG format, file size must be under [File size]
  • Upload your iTunes Image, size should be 1400x1400 in PNG or JPG format, file size must be under [File size]
  • (OPTIONAL) Upload your Favicon, size should be 16x16 in PNG or JPG format (this is the very tiny image that browsers put up in the top left corner, or along with your bookmark)

Click Submit to create your show. If everything is filled in correctly it will create your PODCAST FEED and tell you the address of it. This FEED ADDRESS is the thing that tells iTunes, Stitcher, etc, the details of your podcast and the episodes.

Note: Your Feed Address is a permanent place for apps to find your podcast feed, once your podcast is active you should not change your Domain Name or Podcast Feed Name or you will need to update the feed in several places

Setting Up iTunes and Stitcher

Now you can set up your podcast on iTunes by going to iTunes Connect.It's free to create the podcast and all you need is the FEED ADDRESS of your podcast on this server. You will see your Feed Address after you create your Show Page above, and you can always find it again by going to your show page and scrolling to the bottom and clicking "Edit". The current Feed Address will be listed in the middle of the Edit Page.

You set up a Stitcher podcast exactly the same way by going to Stitcher, creating a free podcast and entering your Feed Address.

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