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Setting up a Podcast - Part II: Account/Bio

Setting Up Your Personal Account and Bio

Go to and click "Create a New Account".

Fill in the following information for yourself. Note: this is account info for a particular person, not the podcast team in general. (Other podcasters/hosts/engineers/etc can be added later):

  • Username: Your permanent account name for login
  • A 1400x1400 JPG or PNG image for iTunes.
  • (OPTIONAL) A 1500x400 JPG or PNG image for a banner ad.
  • (OPTIONAL) A tiny 16x16 JPG or PNG image for the favicon (the tiny logo in the top corner of the browser).
  • You can also add a 640x720 JPG or PNG headshot of each of the podcasters.

Now you have a Bio page for yourself, you can always change this info by logging in at and clicking the "Edit Profile" button. If you are logged in you can return to your account by clicking on the Menu in the upper right-hand corner and selecting "Account".

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