Fidgety Spinning Pot Leaf Keychain Tag
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Fidgety Spinning Pot Leaf Keychain Tag

Fidgety Fiddly Jittery Antsy Restless Meditative Spinning Pot Leaf Art Keychain Tag

Great for anxiety, angst, meditation or boredom! You can absent-mindedly spin the marijuana symbol inside its case with one hand or two for hours on end while driving, walking, watching TV or whatever you're up to today!

Each tag is 3D-printed and hand assembled to order out of 2 pieces of black PLA and green ABS plastic. Each piece has individual character and may contain tiny unique flaws. Small nubs and hanging threads from the printing process may appear at first but will wear away with usage.

Designed for fans of Pot, Weed, Marijuana, Dope, Sativa, Indica, THC, CBD, Getting High, Getting Baked, Getting Stoned and all things Cannabis Culture.